• OOC = Out Of Character
  • RDM = Random Death Match
  • NLR = New Life Rule
  • FDA = Fading Door Abuse
  • RDA = Random Arrest
  • DCTAP/L2AP = Avoid Punishment

Rules last updated September 26 2020. by Archivist

The Basics

1. Do not break NLR (Represented by timer)

2. Do not RDM

3. Do not impersonate

4. Your in character name must contain characters type-able by an English keyboard

5. Only English is allowed In the OOC channel

6. Always follow FearRP (Value your life and act accordingly to situation to prevent death)

7. Do not MetaGame

8. Do not Fail-RP

9. Do not exploit any bug/glitches (Reporting them may result in reward)

10. Do not build/kill in spawn

11. Do not prop abuse

Random Death Match (RDM)

literally means when someone attempts to shoot a player or kill a player for no reason what so over. All kills and opening fire (Using your weapon) threats must have a valid role-play reason, not all the valid reasons are listed but please use common sense, Attempting to kill someone without reason will end up in a kick or if in mass, a ban.

For Example

If someone attempts to raid you and you kill him, THIS IS NOT RDM

If you walk on the street, pull out your gun and kill someone for no reason,THIS IS RDM

New Life Rule (NLR)

This applies to you when you die. It means you can not go back to your death point for* 3 minutes, or anywhere close to it. You must also forget roleplay related things (You can remember the location of your house ONLY)

For Example

Someone raids you, while you go back to your base he is already gone, however it has not been 3 minutes. YOU BROKE NLR

Someone raids you and you die, you have waited 3 minutes to go back to the area to kill him. You did not break NLR


You are NOT allowed to transfer any IC information to OOC, or vise versa. You are not allowed to base your actions on non-realistic stuff like seeing someone's name tag through the wall.



You may only mug one person per 5 minutes

You may not mug the same person for 15 minutes

Maximum mug amount is 5000 - Only Thieves/Gangsters & Mobsters/And Certain Donator Jobs may mug.

If someone mugs you, you can not pull out a gun unless you have a weapon out already - If you are being mugged whilst in a car, you can drive away if you are already in the drivers seat.


1. There should always be at least one entrance that is accessible and not blocked to your base.

2. You may have only have 3 fading doors for each entrance of a base, it means that if someone will raid you, he must lockpick/keypad crack up to only 3 fading doors (don't make a fading door per room - it is not allowed), you may put one fading door (fading door cannot be stacked) for a printer safe (togglable).

3. Each fading door must have one (and only one) keypad on each side of the door.

4. A keypad must always be visible (no hiding them behind stuff, or making the person to look in a certain angle to see them), the keypad must be seen easily and always near the fading door.

5. Do not FDA (fading door abuse), it means holding the fading door opened for less then 4 seconds, All fading doors must have at least 4 seconds delay before they close again!

6. Do not build base defences in the PD, apart from safes for storing weapons.

7. Don't extend your base past your RP property, this means you may not build on or above the pavement or road (except for hobos).

8. One way panels/prop shooting is allowed.

9. You can't have welded, unfrozen props on any part of your base and also that forces players to push through them to get somewhere or into the base.

10. Between each fading door, there must be a space which can fit a minimum of 3 people.

11. No fake keypads.

12. No bright colours or textures that are painful to the eyes

13. You aren't allowed to KOS(Kill On Sight) someone for pointing a gun at your base.

14. Only build the KOS line at your rp door/other entrance connected to you house. Don't extend the KOS line to the pavement or road and don't build Large walls outside of your property line (The physical building and any land within a fence/wall).

15. Do not make fake entrances or storage walls (no collided entrances, etc).

16. Both the raider and the defender must be able to deal the same amount of damage to each other at all times, neither should have to crouch.

17. You can only build on certain roofs, they are marked off saying where you can't.

18. No sky-basing (no flying platforms and etc, they must be supported by other props/walls).

19. Do not build on the street unless you are a hobo.

20. Lock picking, keypad cracking and trespassing does make you KOS to the property owner.

21. KOS line is not needed at a default rp door but is needed for an entrance that doesn't use a door.

23. You may not claim multiple room buildings as a single person, you must have a person for each room. You may only claim a building with multiple rooms if you've been given permission from staff.

24. You MAY NOT claim districts without Admin Permission.

25. You are not allowed to use advanced duplications which use any of the banned tools ingame.

26. You're not allowed mazes in your base what so ever, no windy/turny corridors that delays a player to get in the base as well.

27. Trapdoors aren't allowed in your base(You can't have something that makes players get trapped or fall in your base as it makes the base very difficult to raid).

If a base has the potential to break one of these rules then it still counts, no work around!